Space Studios

Space Studios is a recording studio and publishing label. The publishing side of Space Studios, Space Records incorporates Mary Hopkin Music, the label set up to release Mary's music.

Jessica Lee Morgan

I tried hard not to follow in my musical parents' footsteps, considering fashion design, stock broking and owning a sweet shop in my childhood. But it all proved too much to resist and the experience I gained hanging around my dad's studio and singing with my mother has finally been put to use.

Part of my work at Space involves running Mary Hopkin Music, which is the only way I can get Mary, my mother, to record anything - on the proviso that it happens at Space only. We love to layer up the vocals together and can produce tear-jerking choirs in a matter of minutes.

Jessica Lee Morgan singing live in Chicago

My father, record producer Tony Visconti, taught me how to do his legendary "flying edits", flicking chalk at the tape while it was rolling, and also let me record a keyboard part for the Moody Blues while he nipped out for lunch.

When I grew up music continued alongside other jobs as well as a Masters degree in Social Science Research which led to a series of jobs in health and housing policy. Caring passionately that the people who used such services should have a say in how they are run, I take this ethos into Space Studios and do my utmost to provide the best for Space clients.

I am Managing Director of Space. I am a singer and songwriter and play keyboards and guitar.

I added my middle name "Lee" in order to release my debut album, "I Am Not". We created Space Records to release this and you can buy it here or hear and read more of me on my website.

Christian Thomas

I'm Production Director at Space Studios. I'm a bass player and programmer and write my own material, as well as a recording and mix engineer. My progress into the audio field took a colourful and meandering route. Having always had an interest in all things audio, when I asked my careers teacher about becoming a sound engineer, he told me to become a mechanical engineer and move onto sound from there...
I did the obvious thing and became a mechanic. Then, equally obviously, I went to University to read Language and Communication, where I spent most of my time playing in bands and setting up gigs and events.

Chris playing bass live in Chicago

Jessica and I set up Space Studios in 2005. I look after our artists in the studio where I do the recording, mixing and production.

As a bass player, I am used to jokes about the people that hang around with musicians, so yes, I have heard that one thanks!

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